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Sleep Resources in West Hartford

We field questions from our patients daily on mattresses, pillows and sleep positioning. What is best for you? That depends on a number of factors…


matressFirst, let’s dive into mattresses. Our doctors searched high and low for the perfect mattress. As you are likely aware, prices, materials and quality vary tremendously. We have landed this choice as our favorite:

Our top mattress choice by far is the Saatva Classic Luxury Hybrid. This is the mattress that Drs. John and Jessica sleep on personally. This award winning mattress with tens of thousands of 5 star reviews is made of organic materials, has exceptional spinal support, is breathable, hypoallergenic, cooling and durable. Saatva makes their mattresses right here in the USA. They offer free white glove delivery and setup, removal and disposal of your old mattress if needed and a 365-night home trial.

Our favorite feature is that as a practitioner affiliate, Saatva gives our patients an additional $100 discount beyond any sale Saatva is having. You can shop and order by clicking this link and the $100 extra off will be automatically applied.

Want to try before you buy? The closest showroom is on charming Newbury Street in Boston. Take a quick little road trip, try some mattresses, grab lunch and enjoy a nice day in historic Boston. Two new showrooms in Connecticut are planned for 2024.

Tri-core pillow


Next, let’s talk about pillows. You do not…I repeat…do not need to spend a lot of money to find a great pillow. Patients often tell us that they have spent hundreds on pillows and can’t seem to find the right one.

That’s why we carry our favorite reasonably priced quality pillow right here in the office in different sizes and firmnesses so there is something for everyone.

The Tri-Core® Pillow is our favorite because of the shape and materials it’s made from. This foam (not memory foam) pillow has a curve to support the natural curve of your neck if you are a back sleeper and to keep your neck and rest of your spine in alignment with each other if you are a side sleeper. Why don’t we like memory foam? Memory foam conforms to you so unless you have a perfect spine, it’s only going to reinforce your bad posture.

Sleep Position

woman sleeping in cozy blue beddingLastly, let’s talk about your sleep position. Did you notice that above when discussing pillows, we didn’t mention stomach sleeping? That was intentional. Stomach sleeping is forbidden by your Chiropractor because it keeps your neck in a twisted posture all night. That’s bad. Don’t do that. We prefer you sleep on your back or side with just one pillow under your head. If you have lower back pain and sleep on your back, you can use an additional pillow under your knees. When your knees are elevated above your hips, this will alleviate some of the pressure on your lower back.

If you are a side sleeper, try sleeping with a thin pillow between your knees, keeping your knees stacked. You don’t need to spend extra money on a special knee pillow, any old guest room pillow should be fine. Most importantly, regardless of your position, do not hike one leg up, hang one leg over or rotate one hip and leg outwards while sleeping.

These bad habits affect your pelvis alignment, making an unlevel foundation for your spine during the day.

Any other sleep questions…just ask your Chiropractor!

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