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Tips for Maintaining Good Posture While Using a Mobile Device

Maintaining Good Posture While Using a Mobile Device

    • The smartphone and tablet…or as I like to call them “Chiropractor job security”…are being used more and more and at a younger and younger age. 
    • The neck naturally should have a backward C-shaped curve with your head situated directly over your body. So when you look down at a screen, hold your device higher with your elbows at your sides so you can look down with your eyes, not your entire head and neck
    • Remember, for every inch your head is FORWARD in front of your body, the stress on your neck and shoulders increases by TEN pounds! Having your neck in a position where your head is only 2 inches forward is like having a 30-pound toddler sitting on your neck!! Ouch. 

Maintaining Good Pelvis Posture

    • The pelvis and sacrum are your spine’s foundation. Just like a building’s foundation needs to be level, so does your spine’s. The aim is to keep your foundation level and balanced as much as you can as this can cause the lumbar part of your spine to rotate out of its proper alignment in compensation causing nerve pressure. 
    • Again, do not cross your legs, sit on your foot, or sit on your wallet when you sit (crossing at the ankles is OK). 
    • Do not sit or stand leaning to one side.
    • Do not hold a child on your hip…hold the child on your forearm, or simply put them in a stroller or make them walk.


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