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Tips for Maintaining Good Posture at Your Desk or While Wearing a Bag

Tips for maintaining good posture while sitting at your desk:

    • You may have heard the infamous quote, “sitting is the new smoking.” So consider a standing work station…or a sit/stand option such as Varidesk. Need a note for your employer to request one? Ask us!
    • The CENTER of your monitor should be directly in front of you and at eye level. If it isn’t, move it there. If your monitor doesn’t adjust, put something under it like a monitor stand or an old yellow pages you’ll obviously never use again. If you use a laptop, consider a product such as the Roost Stand (in stock here!).
    • Your keyboard and mouse should be at a height where your shoulders are relaxed when you are using them. Keyboard trays can be easily purchased and installed under your desk if you need yours lower.
    • If you’re sitting, use a chair with lumbar support…and sit back in the chair against the lumbar support! This will help deter you from gradually gravitating forward with your head and neck. If your chair doesn’t have a lumbar support, consider using a Sitback Rest by Core Products (in stock here!).
    • While sitting, put your feet up on the bar across the front of your desk if you have one or a stool. Any time you elevate your knees above your hip this will relieve lower back pressure. 
    • When sitting, do not cross your legs or sit on your wallet. These are both things that make your pelvis and sacrum unlevel, causing your lumbar spine to compensate.
    • If you’re standing, stand on an anti-fatigue mat and wear supportive comfortable shoes such as Merrell, Dansko, or Clarks. Go see Bill the owner over at Williams Shoes on Park Road in West Hartford and tell him we sent you for a discount. :)

Improving posture while wearing a backpack or bag:

      • Purses, totes, and briefcases should be carried on alternating shoulders, preferably worn cross-body if possible. 
      • Rummage through your bag and eliminate unnecessary items to make it as light as possible. 
      • Backpacks should always be worn using BOTH straps, cushioned straps preferred. 
      • The bottom of the backpack should fall no more than 3-4 inches below the natural waistline. 
      • Regularly clean out your backpack and remove items you no longer need to try to keep it to no more than 10% of your body weight. 

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