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Ditch and Switch for a Healthier, Happier Home

Harsh chemicals from store-bought cleaners and detergents burden our bodies. They can be endocrine (hormone) disruptors, carcinogenic (cancer causing) and neurotoxic (harmful to your nervous system). We don’t need to take this risk to keep our laundry and homes clean. My intent for this blog post is to provide you with information to make steps towards making your household safer and toxin free.

I admit, I used to love the laundry smell. Now that we’ve put the breaks on unnecessary perfumes and chemicals in our household, I can’t stand it. When I “smell” laundry on others, I get an instant headache and sometimes my nostrils even burn. Have you ever thought about the toxic soup that our clothes sit in while in our washing machines? They then get scoured in heat with more chemical laden dryer sheets and sit on our bodies all day and all night.

The off-gassing of toxic chemicals, from the seemingly-benign pink baby detergent to the incredibly disturbing trend of “scent boosters” that emanate fragrance from your linen closet directly to your skin, is something that more of us need to pay attention to.

Ten years ago, a University of Washington study of top-selling laundry products and air fresheners found that these products emitted dozens of different chemicals. All six products tested gave off at least one chemical regulated as toxic or hazardous under federal laws, but none of those chemicals were listed on the product labels.

Why is that, you might ask? “Manufacturers are not required to list the ingredients used in laundry products and air fresheners. Personal-care products and cleaners often contain similar fragrance chemicals…although cosmetics are required by the Food and Drug Administration to list ingredients, no law requires products of any kind to list chemicals used in fragrances.”

Here are some tips to make your laundry room, and the clothes you wear everyday, much safer:

  • Thieves Laundry SoapUSE THIEVES® LAUNDRY SOAP: This little bottle of miracle soap will change your laundry life. It gets your clothes so clean, smells light and fresh naturally without harsh chemicals, and lasts a long time so it is cost quite efficient.
  • SKIP THE FABRIC SOFTENER: Did you know that fabric softeners are one of THE most toxic things in your home? Ditch and switch…A half-cup of vinegar added during the rinse cycle will produce the same results without the toxic chemicals. Wool dryer balls are my favorite alternative to soften fabrics and prevent static cling. If desired, add a few drops of your favorite Young Living™ essential oil to your dryer balls for a 100% pure boost of scent.
  • Baking Soda and VinegarTRY REAL BRIGHTENING: A little baking soda added to the wash cycle will naturally brighten colors without the clingy chemicals that can irritate your skin.
  • FREQUENTLY CLEAN YOUR WASHER: This helps get rid of soap scum, bacteria, and other gross things that collect in your machine over time. Simply add some white vinegar into a hot water cycle and run. A clean washer will help keep your clothes smelling fresh while “detoxing” your machine from past chemicals.
  • NATURALLY REMOVE STAINS: Instead of using chemical-laden stain removers, simply pretreat stains with a combination of washing soda, baking soda, and Thieves® Household Cleaner.

And on that note, let’s talk more about Thieves® Household Cleaner. This is really your one-stop, does-everything, super-powerful, skin and lung-friendly, non-toxic, plant-based household cleaner. 100% plant-based and free from harsh chemicals, Thieves Household Cleaner is the only multi-purpose cleaner you need for your home. This amazing 6 minute video will teach you how you can use this product to clean every room in your home.

Dryer BallsAll of the amazing natural products mentioned are available through Tagliarini Chiropractic. They can be purchased individually at retail prices or in a starter kit at wholesale prices. Reach out to us directly any time for more information and pricing. Anyone who orders a Thieves® starter kit will receive a pair of wool dryer balls and an essential oil sample on us!

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