chiropractor circleThe only healthcare professional who can determine whether chiropractic care is right for you is a chiropractor. So, if you are trying to decide whether you should seek chiropractic care, the best approach is to come in for an evaluation. Let our doctors examine you, talk with you about your pain and discomfort, take any necessary x-rays, and make a treatment recommendation.

At the first visit, Dr. Tagliarini takes a thorough health history and conducts an examination. The exam includes an orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic evaluation as well as spinal x-rays, if necessary. An adjustment is not typically part of the first visit as it’s important for the doctors to review your x-rays and correlate them with notes from your examination. A second appointment is then scheduled to discuss a report of findings. At that time, Dr. Tagliarini reviews the exam and x-ray findings, provides treatment recommendations, answers questions, explains payment options, and performs the first treatment.

To get a head start, print and fill out a New Patient Paperwork  and bring it in with you.

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